By Tom Bromley and Neil Stevens

ISBN: 9781911162049
Pub Date: September 2016
Price: £14.99
Format: Hardback

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Since the earliest days of Henri Desgrange and the first Tour de France competitive cycling has developed its own distinct language - a velo vernacular, a peloton patois - that celebrates a rich history, a proud culture and those myths and legends of the road fashioned by extreme feats of two-wheeled endurance.

Some sports lend themselves to language: cycling is one of them. With its rich history and culture, its professional roots across the continent and beyond, cycling has developed a terminology that goes well beyond borders, producing a lexicon all of its own.

This book guides the reader through a land where the road to hell is paved not with good intentions, but with cobbles. This is a place where all the world is a stage, unless you are a one-day specialist. Where its inhabitants come with a litany of arresting nicknames: Badgers, Cannibals, Eagles, Pirates, each with a wonderful story of their own.

This is a book that takes the reader from the tete de la course to the grupetto at the back, from the caravane following the race to the tifosi cheering on the mountainside. Insightful and irreverent, Be:Spoke is the book for anyone who wants to be able to speak cycling. The book is complete with a series of specially commissioned artworks by celebrated ‘Crayonfire' illustrator Neil Stevens.

About the author
Tom Bromley Tom Bromley is a published author, editor and ghost(not the scary kind). He has written ten books under his own name, ghostwritten a further nine, and edited just under a hundred published titles. Bromley's own books are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, with a dabble in crime (the literary variety) under the pseudonym Thomas Black. He also teaches creative writing for, amongst others, the Faber Academy and works as an editorial consultant and mentor for a number of publishers, literary agencies and organisations. He lives with his family in Salisbury.

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